Wednesday, January 29, 2014

single cab engine lid

I painted the engine lid for my single cab yesterday. This was a long time coming. It was completely beat to shreads and I made due with what was there. I had to separate the inner frame and outer skin in order to smooth it out the best I could. This particular engine lid was only made for a few years. It's the center brake light that makes it unique. It also happens that this is the ONLY brake light on the truck. The outer "bubble lights" are tail and tun signal only; no brake. VW thought this was a good idea apparently. I probably should change this. I thought maybe adding the "stop" light on the left side of the bumper might offset not having brake lights on the outer corners of the vehicle. I might do a cab window led strip if I don't rewire things different from stock.

Now I just have to refurbish the tailgate and side gates. The side gates are in horrible condition. The tailgate isn't so bad. I think I'll start with the easy and move to the hard. Tailgate here I come!

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