Wednesday, January 29, 2014

walstrom tapping head

I got a Walstrom tapping head the other day. I have wanted a tapping head of some sort for quite some time. This particular one is MT2 so it fits in place of my regular drill chuck in my drill press. You prepare your piece to be threaded with the appropriate sized hole and then you secure a tap into the tapping head (in this case I used a straight gun tap but I really should use a spiral fluted tap). This head can handle sizes up to and including 1/4". I used plenty of tapping fluid. The drill press is started, and then you feed the tap into the hole and when you let up on the quill feed the tapping head reverses direction to let the tap exit the hole. I edited the video as you can probably see, but it's pretty straight forward and about as quick as you see here. I edited it because my tap is older and it was a little sticky going in and there was some hesitation. If I had used a spiral tap I think it would be even better. I would also recommend clamping the workpiece in a vise; I was in too big of a hurry to try it out. This is going to make threading numerous holes a cinch.

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