Sunday, February 23, 2014

basement workshop

Last week I worked on my basement workshop. Ever sense we we moved into our place, I just haven't had the energy to work much down there. Well this cold weather and a week or two of being sick motivated me to get some things done. First thing to do was re-finish a work table that I had moved from rental to rental until we bought our new place. It was a gross unfinished piece of wood, but I finally sanded it, stained it, and polyurethaned it. this new table will house all of the 3D printers I've built and will be situated near my computer table downstairs on the "clean" side of the basement. I also worked on the "dirty" side and got the my extra lathe bolted to the old table I re-finished when we moved in. I think Maya likes turning the dials on the lathe. Noah was just a bit older when I taught him to use the lathe, so we better get this one operational so she can get to work.

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