Sunday, February 23, 2014

build from mesh

import mesh

create a editable polysurface from the mesh using "meshtonurb"

the command creates a polysurface copy from the mesh

delete the original mesh

generate a 2D curve outline from the mesh that we can later use for drawing a new model

the outline can be created from each viewport to give you an orthographic like drawing to re-construct a solid model.

explode the curve outline so you can modify the outline if desired

Here are a few pics of how I start fresh in building a "clean" model in Rhino from a mesh. The intent is to use the mesh as a starting point from which to modify and build something new. Adream and I have been taking about the inability to modify the mesh without turning it into modified "garbage" file. I suggested this route of building anew.  I just wanted to show this visually for our students who may be modifying things in the weeks to come. They are all new to Rhino so I think this might help them. In this case I took Peter Binkley's Talon hand that Ivan had modified to be slightly larger. I'll post more in coming posts.

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