Monday, February 24, 2014

prosthetic hand: milwaukee prt.21 (palm section tests)

I managed to do some modeling today. I printed a hand section from one of Shea's 3D scans last night and then worked on creating a test outline of a palm section that fits her thumb better than the the hands I've made thus far. I wanted to make something that would give her the room she needs, yet try not to make the knuckle block too large or long across the palm section. Working the printed thumb into the correct location with the bump-out for her thumb is the real challenge. Then on top of that, how to make it look good. I am trying to keep the design general enough that it allows for universal application for users who have more thumb than typical, in hopes that it might help people in need, but I am also playing with just making something that is more form fit to Shea specifically. I'll have pics of the the more form fit design soon, but for know I just have the generalized shape palm. I've yet to make this look really good, but I'm inching closer and closer to getting something that fit's properly at least. The yellow version with palm top still needs a lot of details added: like cable routing, etc. but I like the fact that I can keep this design tighter to the hand (with the addition of thin foam on the inside) without having to make it much larger like I would have to do with the pink palm frame. The pink frame would require leather or something similar to the talon hand, thus getting larger to allow for the material between the hand and inside frame.

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