Sunday, February 23, 2014

cheap skates

Jill and I used to ice skate a lot at the Armory in Champign-Urbana when we had just started dating. We would drive an hour and half just to go skate. The other day, Jill found some used skates for Maya on one of her "cheap mama" websites (as Noah likes to call it). The CCM skates were practically new. We had purchased a couple pairs of hockey skates for Noah a while ago at a local rummage sale that were the same way, so he's always had brand new hockey skates each year for little to no cost. Good thing about living in Wisconsin and being a kid I guess (this is the first positive of living in Wisconsin that I could come up with this Winter). Maya had never ice skated before, so last weekend I told Jill that I would take the kids up tot the park to skate so she could have some quiet time with Liv. Noah and I packed up our hockey gear so we could shoot around while we were there. Needless to say, I didn't get much stick time as Maya required constant "holding up". She gave it an honest try though.  The next day my back was sore from leaning over her and shoveling the snow that hammered us. That said, I think I'll let Maya stick to helping me shovel rather than skating. Good thing the skates were cheap.

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