Sunday, February 23, 2014

grinder contact wheel

When I built my Beaumont knock off replica grinder a while ago, I had planned on making a large diameter contact grinding wheel for it. I ordered extra bar stock so I could make it, but once I got the base grinder completed, I started using it right away with the standard two wheel flat platen setup and never got around to making the bar for the contact wheel. A few days ago I was cleaning my studio and came across the bar stock and decided to bang this out in a few minutes. I laid out the radius on the end of the piece of steel, marker the center, cut the excess off, and used the grinder to smooth everything out. I pilot drilled the contact wheel mounting hole, then drilled to size, and threaded the hole. I always use the drill press (without turning it on) as a way to get the tap started straight. Then I mounted the contact wheel to the bar and slid it into position on the grinder. I'm happy to say it turned out well and runs super smooth. Now I just need to make a holder for the various arm attachments. Of course now I want to build another grinder so I can leave both arms mounted so I don't have to change them out. Time will tell...

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