Tuesday, February 18, 2014

prosthetic hand: milwaukee prt.20 (laser engraved talon gauntlet)

After our class today, Adream created a file in Illustrator and then she came over to the DCRL and we imported it into Rhino so we could laser engrave and cut the leather gauntlet for Shea's talon hand. I had bought a standard vegetable tanned piece of leather from McMaster Carr just to have on hand for this. In the future, I'll see if Eric can sell me a full hide from his supply. Anyway, the gauntlet turned out great! I think Shea will like this.


Shop Teacher Bob said...

I received the following comment on my blog:

Very nice! I'm a Tech Ed teacher in Bristol, VA and we are partnering with a local prosthetics clinic to try and get some of these 3D printable hands and fingers to the folks who need them in the community. My class has a 3D printer. We just need some training on how to put the hands together. Do you know anyone who'd be willing to help us? I wouldn't mind driving 5-6 hours if I need to! Thank you! Please respond to debrowning@bvps.org.

Maybe you can point her straight.

Frankie Flood said...

Will do. Thanks!