Monday, March 31, 2014

leo berk prt. 3

As our luck would be, our router's bearings were shot after completing the first sheet of Corian (due to a lot of use since building the router). Jill ran out to Lowes first thing and found a new Bosche that I would be able to replace the old one with. I got to work on this  and changed it out, so we could get up and running again. The students completed the filing of tabs on the first piece and then worked on assembling another piece that will be in the exhibition. Leo had cut this "copper cone" on his router and had flat packed the piece and shipped to us. It's made from CNC router "scored" alu-panel. Alissa, John, and Joe, unpacked the panels, peeled the protective coverings, and then Leo instructed them on how to bend the panels at the score lines. Then they started assembly of the various cone sections.  I stayed downstairs and bonded with the dull hum of the router and the dust collector. Once the cone was completed, they dismantled it into two manageable sections and put it in the gallery storage area. This piece is going to look great in the gallery. The students also built a wooden armature for us to glue the Corian sheets together later that day. It was a busy day.

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