Thursday, June 12, 2014

gauntlet velcro

I had some questions about how I create the velcro straps for the gauntlet, so I thought I would post these images.  I use the standard soft velcro sold on Amazon and then I use an adhesive backed velcro from Michaels craft store and cut a small section of the "loop" velcro to stick to the back of the soft Amazon velcro. The adhesive backing is really sting and creates a great bond with the backing on the soft velcro. Previously I had sewn the straps or glued them, and honestly it's either time consuming or the glue doesn't hold over time. This method makes a nice strap that can be easily removed from the gauntlet if any cleaning or maintenance of the gauntlet is necessary. You only need one piece of velcro per strap and we've found that it is easy for a child to loosen and cinch the strap with one hand. Many of you may have already come to this conclusion but I just thought I would share with any parents who want to know how to the strap could be taken off the gauntlet.

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