Friday, June 13, 2014

stratasys fdm 2000: blower replacement

You will notice that the FDM 2000 has some kind of heat exchanger on each side of the machine. These are mounted to a metal enclosure that ducts the air that is sucked from the bottom of the build chamber up over the exchanger and into the top portion of the the build area where the extruder build each layer of a print. The left side of the machine also has what appears to be a temp sensor that is bolted through the build chamber. Stratasys designed the build chamber with the same aluminum side plates though as there is a hole for the sensor on the right side and a hole for the clip that keeps it's wire from coming in contact with the heat exchanger. There is also a plug present on the right side plate that is not on the left, but there is still a mounting hole for it at the rear on the left side plate. 

After I detached the blowers from the side duct on the left side, I was able to confirm that they we're indeed toasted. Have Blue had given me a couple of NOS blowers that he had in a stash of Stratasys parts, but one of them was not a match for my two dissenigrated blowers. I looked up the specs for the blowers and was able to find some on ebay, but then I remembers that I had a gutted Stratasys Prodigy Plus setting in the DCRL. There couldn't be a chance that they used the same blower. Sure enough they did! The blowers had shorter wires and a plug on the Prodigy version but the specs were the same. Bingo, I have blowers and the FDM 2000 is back in business.  I transferred the old gasket material to the new/old blowers and then everything could be bolted back together. Before I did this, I cleaned the heat exchangers on both sides as there was filament that had gotten down inside. No wonder the machine would smell so bad once it was heated up. I just vacuumed everything out and made sure all of the foam dust was gone as well. I bolted everything back together and connected the blower wires and then tuned on the cdm 2000 to see if we had air. Sure enough; it was good to go. Time to put all the covers back on...

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Have Blue said...

Awesome, thanks for the photos - will be invaluable if I need to tear mine down for fan replacement!