Friday, June 13, 2014

stratasys fdm 2000: start-up

While I was robbing parts from the Prodigy, I grabbed a new/old light for the FDM 2000. Yes, they're the same as well. I got everything back together and then fired it up so I could start heating the extruders and the build envelop. I was worried that after sitting for so long, that everything would be clogged up, but loading some new support material that Have Blue had spooled for me proved to be routine. I did notice however that the rollers on the model side look like they are out of alignment. This would explain my earlier kinking problems right as the filament goes into the liquefier inlet. I didn't have a torx head in the studio that would fit the roller, so I'll have to bring one in. I'm feeling really good about this rebuild though. I just need to order up some good filament and I'll be back in business with the FDM 2000.

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