Tuesday, July 8, 2014

bmw handlebar mount sleeves

I'm slowly working on my BMW R50/2 conversion. I had ordered some handlebar mounts from China and they are sized for the larger diameter bars. I really wanted to use the stock BMW/5 controls so that necessitates having the 22mm diameter mounts. Rather than buy new mounts, I decided to to sleeve the CJ mounts. I started with a rod of tool steel (simply because it was closer to size than any of my mild steel rod), and turned it to the proper diameter. Then I center drilled and bored the center to fit the 22mm bars. I slid the sleeve into place, making sure it was flush on the other side, and then cut the rod on the bandsaw. Then I used my jewelers saw to cut out the slot so the clamp can collapse a bit when I tighter the bolt to mount the handlebar in place. I think I'm going to braze the sleeves in place just for safety. I'll post some pics of the mouthed bars soon; they look much better than the stock CJ bend bars.

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