Thursday, July 31, 2014


When we visit home, we usually visit on a weekend. It was a little strange to be there during the week when everyone else is working and going about their lives. We dropped by the Toledo courthouse to see Jill's Mom at work before we left town. We also went over to Greenup to see my parents and for Jill to meet up with her sister at a new clothing store in town. While we were waiting for Jill, I took the kids to play on the playground equipment outside the municipal building and then we walked across the street to where I had painted a section of a small mural when I was in early high school. If memory serves me right, I painted the "out of perspective" firetruck and part of the firehouse. Anyway, the kids thought it was cool enough to pose in front of. We used to paint a lot of murals as a part of Art Club and summer school thanks to my high school art teacher Mr. Graves. It's funny to see that this one has survived. I might also mention that the porches that you see in the picture above have been a unique feature of downtown Greenup for quite sometime.

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