Saturday, August 9, 2014

chad's studio

I went over to Chad's today to look at a pile of tools that he scrounged for me. We stopped by a rummage sale and I found some stuff and we went to lunch with Chuck and Art. I went back to Chad's to check out the pile of tools and while I was there I snapped some pics of some of the stuff he's working on. He's really been into drill presses lately, so he had a lot of cool presses that he just picked up. He is restoring an old Delta and it looks stellar. He even powder coated the motor case end pieces with black crinkle and he was just wrapping the front cover paint job when I arrived. Living on the South side of Milwaukee has done wonders for Chad's studio. He has just about anything you can think of and most of it has come as way below it's worth. He has a lot of stories from these tools like who owned them and what they did. He always makes it a point to talk to their owners so he can get the backstory on each piece. We talk a lot about the blue collar roots of his upbringing and the surrounding neighborhood that he has lived in all his life. I look forward to seeing where all of this goes in his final year of grad school.


Nick Carter said...

Tell the long haired fellow that another long haired fellow implores him to tuck his ponytail inside the back of his shirt while in the shop. Even if he doesn't think he'll be operating machinery, etc.

Frankie Flood said...

That's Art. I will tell him for sure! We didn't run or turn anything on today so he was safe.