Friday, August 1, 2014

friends from home and japan

I had the great fortune of being home at the time that one of my very good friends happened to be home from Japan. Kenny was one of my long time hockey teammates as well being one of the guys that stood in my wedding. We used to drive all over, hauling hockey gear, and going to and from games. He was an intense player and always a blast to have around, not to mention he was very intelligent and driven. He went to Japan nine years ago to teach and he only makes it back to the States from time to time when he brings a large group of  his Japanese students back, to his childhood home, to visit the US. Kenny called me when he found out we were both in town (thanks to his Mom seeing Jill at the visitation). I don't believe I have seen Kenny for probably ten years or more. It was so good to visit with him and to meet all of his students. It was so gracious of his Mother to host us as well and to see to it that our kids had fun playing with their new friends from Japan. I'm glad to see that Kenny's mother's profession rubbed off on him and that he is such a dedicated teacher. I could tell that he loves his life in Japan and that he is doing something truly special and meaningful. I am simply amazed at what Kenny has gone on to accomplish, yet not surprised at all. He always was a great person; glad to see somethings don't change.

Sidenote: I wasn't sure we were going to get Maya out of that car. At first her new friend was not eager to stay in the car with her after experiencing her first driving lesson. Eventually, she gave Maya's driving a second chance. Maya seemed to be a little "possessed" while driving the car. Sign of things to come...? Noah played baseball with the rest of Kenny's students and we found that baseball has no language barrier.

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