Friday, September 26, 2014

solo exhibition

Last week was filled with a flurry of activity as I was preparing work for a solo exhibition at the Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University. I honestly didn't have anytime to shoot any shots of any of the work before the work went out. It's sad, but all I have is one picture of an engraved Corian panel that is in progress. I've just had too many "irons in the fire" lately. I've been trying to keep up with teaching, teaching studio improvements, the family, organization for the Hopkins conference and Maker Faire, e-NABLE design work, making hands for a few new recipients, organizing old work, and making new work. Today, I sat down for the first time to catch my breath, but realized that some documents still needed to be sent out for printing, so I just took care of that. I'll complete several other things today so I can be prepared to fly out first thing tomorrow morning. It will be good to have a few of these events behind me in the coming weeks.

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