Sunday, October 5, 2014

tembo bench guru

A few Fridays ago, Robert Peter came by and brought his latest innovative product called the TEMBO™. This device was designed and created by a Robert who is a jeweler. It is intended to direct grinding dust away from the bench as you are working on sanding or grinding objects as well as a way to reclaim metal. The device "socket" connects to the bench near a bench pin and then has a pvc pipe that creates a duct to your shop vac. The kit comes with all necessary hardware (minus the shop vac) and includes a dust bag that goes over your shop vac filter to be able to reclaim your precious metals. I am sure this will help with reclaiming metal as well as making it easier to work at the bench without inhaling nasty sanding/grinding dust and metallic particles. The clear plexiglass shield has imbedded LED's that turn on as soon as the shield is "plugged" in. This is a particular feature that I love as everything is illuminated well while you are working. The fact that the shild can easily plug in and unplug is an added feature that I am sure people will love. The whiled even has a loop to allow you to hang it up when not in use. The unit also comes with a electrical box that allows the shop vac to be plugged in and controlled by the switch at the bench. I believe that bench jewelers will fall in love with the Tembo and I know that they will be grateful for it when it's time to reclaim their metals for the year.

Robert has been 3D printing these early prototypes, but he is tooling up for injection molding in the future and he will be selling these through Jewelry Supply companies. He was kind enough to allow us to test drive this unit which we quickly hooked up in the Flex Shaft area of the DCRL. Thanks Robert!

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