Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A few weeks ago, Jill enlisted my help to create a Halloween costume for Noah. The neighbor boys were planning on going as racing sausages from Miller Park. Mom thought it would be cool if we coordinated with Noah going as "Brat". We purchased some felt, poster board, hot glue, and I scrounged some scrap cardboard. After some internet research, Jill and I embarked on a costume creating adventure. For the record, Jill and I are complete opposites; let's just say that my intensity during projects like this can sometimes cause a little friction. Luckily, we started the project a week  or two in advance, so I had some time to simmer. It ended well, though. I have to say that the costume was really fun to make. We received numerous compliments on trick-or-treat day and I think Noah loved the result.

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Unknown said...

What!?! That is amazing! Way to go Frankie and Jill!