Monday, December 8, 2014

bow holder: first test

Ranee sent the most beautiful email last week. I am glad to report that things are going well with the new viola bow holder. Ranee informed that Shea is certainly using the bow holder, which I am glad to hear. Since Monday Shea was at over 3 hours of practice! That said, Shea wants to be able to use her "own wrist". In all the videos that Ranee and Shea sent of  "one handed violinists" they had no wrist/wrist function, so their devices were fixed. I have begun work on a version that allows for wrist movement.

Ranee wrote the following: 
I really can't thank you enough. The day we found out about Shea's hand at 20 weeks, I made a promise to my unborn child that I, as their mom, would never let their hand determine their dreams and wishes! So far, I've kept that promise to Shea, but I couldn't do it without YOU! Your talent, intelligence and generosity have allowed me to keep my promise and offer Shea such confidence in her own ability to "figure it out". That is beyond priceless to me and though Shea maybe too young to grasp how lucky she is, she is very grateful to all that are there to help figure her way in this world! 

Mr. Wimer wrote the following: 
The lesson went well! Shea was very excited, I could tell. She can now play with the bow which is fantastic, however, her movement is limited because of the fixed wrist. If we can make something work with that will give the wrist some flexibility, that would help. Thank you for your support in this! She's such a cool girl, and to see her face light up when she used the bow was priceless. :) 

I couldn't have said it better; Shea is such a cool girl! I know that I should be able to make something that addresses the things that Mr. Wimer and Shea think will make the bow holder more functional. 

I am going to start work on a trumpet holder for Karuna over break. I am really intrigued by these "specialty tools" that can allow Shea and Karuna to perform any task they want. It means the world to me to see videos like that above as well as to receive such kindness from Ranee. It has been almost a year since I first corresponded with Ranee about Shea and I can honestly say that the experience changed my life and more importantly my outlook on life in ways that I cannot describe. Seeing how Ranee is proving for Shea and how she supports her, gives me new perspective on raising my own children. Thank you, Ranee and Shea for everything!


Charles Collins said...

I met someone randomly while out with some friends. We talked for a bit and it turned out she is a student at UWM. I immediately asked her if she knew Frankie Flood. Her answer:

"I haven't had a class with him, but he is the most amazing person! Have you seen all of the things he's doing?!?"

All I could say was "Yeah!"

Keep it up, Frankie! You have impact you don't even see!

Frankie Flood said...

Thanks Charles. There are a lot of days that I think back to those conversations that we had with Michael after the workshops you two took. I can't tell you how inspiring it was to meet you two and know that I wasn't crazy for some of the ideas and feelings I had about "making". Those conversations gave me confidence to just go out and do whatever I was feeling. ...the kinds of things that led what I'm doing now. Thanks!