Monday, December 1, 2014

viola bow holder: instructional video

Here is a short video on how to install the bow into the bow holder.


Cynthia ViolinSensei said...

Dear Frankie,

Is there some way to make the bow grip swivel on the end of the shaft so that the musician can use a little more bow?

Cynthia ViolinSensei said...

I have a student who is struggling with a similar device. He is also frustrated with the rigidity which limits the length of the bow he can use. We are stuck with playing the Twinkle variations in the middle of the bow with one inch to get the tone that he likes.

His has a ball bearing which is adjustable but still fixed when you screw it into place. His is on an arm that is much to heavy so he can't feel the weight of the bow while using it.

Yours looks much lighter. The bow is already heavy and the student needs to feel it balance on the string. Very little pressure is needed to make a sound. That is what surprises Shea. At first they think they need to push.

If the bow had a little bit of give horizontal to the bow like a screw swivel that would allow for more bow length. The swivel could be controlled by tension in the screw as well as springs on either side bringing the bow back to neutral so that doesn't swing violently back and forth when not in contact with the string, but still has a light resistance when in contact with the string. But it would be less frustrating if it had a little give in it.

The sound would be warmer if the stick could be tilted or leaning toward the fingerboard. This allows more or less horse hair to sit on the string depending on the amount of weight placed on the bow. The horse hair is meant to be flexible so it can spread out when desired or allow you to play on only a few hairs.

Is anyone else working on this problem? I would like to submit all the ideas to an E-Nable team that is near me in Orange County, CA?

My student has a short arm below the elbow without any operative wrist let alone fingers.