Wednesday, June 17, 2015

fj40 sanding

Last week I unbolted the FJ roof and sanded the entire fiberglass roof section, sanded the ambulance doors, sanded the fenders, and inspected the steel section of the top for rust. Maya helped me do the roof with the orbital sander and she even worked the putty knife for a while. She's meticulous and she's a "machine" when you get her going on a task. She doesn't want to stop until it's finished. I'm loving this! The fiberglass roof has a couple places that need to be filled, but it's in really good condition and the steel base plate that it's riveted to is also in great condition. The windshield header plate will need to be re-vited, but it shouldn't be too difficult  I still need to strip the paint off the interior sheetmetal, but it's getting closer to being ready for some paint. Just need to send Maya out to the garage and she'll get the work completed.

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