Monday, October 12, 2015

andrew hayes

Andrew Hayes apparently introduced himself to my Dad and they struck up a conversation which turned to me being able to introduce myself. I was super excited to hear that Andrew works with UWM alumni, Jay Fox. Andrew told us a bit about his job at Penland and we discussed how he got started into metalwork. Again, I was totally wishing I had made it into town the night before so i could have heard more. Anyway, I was super stoked to meet Andrew as I really love his book inspired sculptural work. I am going to have to see about saving up for one of his pieces as I would love to own one of his pieces. Andrew mentioned that I should go to Penland in the future, so I'm adding that to my "to-do list". Jay had mentioned that I should come down, so after meeting Andrew it has been further reinforced. I loved Andrews idea of the dustpan demo and I hope he doesn't mind if I use this as a future student project; it's just too good. A big thanks to Andrew for taking the time to talk and for sharing his knowledge. 


Natalie Macellaio said...

Let me know if you go to Penland! I would love to go too!!

Frankie Flood said...

Will do. Andrew was telling me that they have a kids program as well. I know I would probably do better if I was there without family, but it was a thought at least. I will let you know for certain though.