Monday, November 16, 2015

john's triger cub

The girls have been really sick this past week with hand foot and mouth disease. Maya was starting to feel better by Saturday, but Liv felt sick Saturday night. John came over on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to work on in the garage for a few hours. I helped John do a teardown on his Triumph Tiger Cub engine. I'm not sure why we didn't take any before photos; maybe it was because our hands were a mess with all of the sludge inside the engine. Within a few hours we were able to tear the entire engine down and we inspected all of the parts and John made an inventory of which parts needed to be replaced. On Sunday I stayed home with the sick girls and then briefly stepped out of the house so I could do a little polishing on the side covers. It's going to clean up nicely. I'll be glad to get the replacement parts so we can get this back together before my memory fails on how everything goes back together.

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