Monday, November 16, 2015

selling my r75/5

I'm selling my white R75/5. I just need to complete some projects and I have too many two wheeled things sitting about. If anyone knows of someone who's looking please share. This bike has served me well in the last few years and I hate to see it go, but I just used the sidecar all summer and it saw little road time. It has a new sealed battery and I have a new seat cover for it (not installed). It's got the normal dings scrapes and scratches, but it's all original. It needs a new rear tire, and maybe a tune up, but it still runs great and has plenty of power; but I have to let it go.


Surly said...

That's tempting but I've got no space for it. I'll put the word out.
BTW, someone gave me a damaged 3D printer. I might be emailing you with a few (hundred) questions.

Christof Sander said...