Saturday, February 6, 2016

aaron de lanty

Aaron De Lanty is in graduate school at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Aaron worked with me in the Digital Craft Research Lab when he was a student at UWM. He worked with our design group during summer sessions in the DCRL and worked on the underwater scanner rig that we built for Nathaniel Stern. Aaron also worked for Betty Brinn Children's Museum as a result of some connections there that he made. Now Aaron is in graduate school and he's contemplating the meaning of life, objects, and why we do what we do. Aaron keeps weekly vlogs about his time in school (sidenote: I think these will be interesting for Aaron to look back at after he's completed his degree). 

This past week, Aaron left a really kind post. I have been enjoying seeing Aaron work through his grad experience, so this one was a real treat to watch as spoke such kind words of the times we worked together. Aaron doesn't realize that it was his eagerness to learn that made our experiences what they were. It's funny how we think it's people's influence that makes the impact, but in reality sometimes is just the reflection of our own enthusiasm that has the largest impact. It's all about enabling ourselves to follow our dreams and aspirations and sometimes having someone by our side to reflect our passion makes getting over the fear of taking the first step that much easier. I have had some great teachers in the past who I realize were facilitators for my dreams by being positive individuals and influences. I am thankful for those people, just as Aaron is thankful for his time at UWM. 

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