Saturday, February 13, 2016

dnepr k750 part 4

This week I tore the engine down further. I discovered parts of the piston ring in the oil pan so I'm guessing this is what grounded the motorcycle in the first place. Upon on further inspection I have a broken valve spring so that could have also been the culprit. The rest of the engine broke apart easy enough. I'm a bit past the point shown above as I now have the crank and cam out of the engine. The flywheel did prove to be a bit difficult to get off, but a little heat and a gear puller did the job. It really popped when it finally let go! I found out that you can run VW Golf pistons in these engines from a gentleman in Romania. Since these engines are readily available in Europe, there are a lot of people building and modifying them... It just stinks because Google translator doesn't give me the cleanest translation. There are also some great You Tube videos on doing k750 engine rebuilds but all that's useable are the visuals since I can't understand the Russian language.

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