Wednesday, March 2, 2016

app state visit

Last week I took a trip to North Carolina to teach a workshop on aluminum etching and to give an artist lecture. I had a great time visiting Appalachian State University. The people were very kind and I had a blast working with students there. One of the professors in Graphic Design, Taek Yeom, is doing some great work in the area of 3D printed ceramics (check out his Instagram). He had built his own delta bot and was printing tons of vessel forms inspired by type. The vessel forms were great! It turns out that Taek is a U of I alumni like myself. Actually there were several U of I alumni working at App State as well as some Illinois "transplants". Everyone was so kind and the students were great! The views in the mountains were beautiful and I was amazed at the small town feel of the place. The downtown post office reminded me of the old post offices from my childhood. Such character and history! Chip took me over to view his Commercial Photography area and while I was there I checked out the Industrial Design studios. I guess there is a long history of commercial printing technology at App State, so I took a ton of pictures there as I knew my Dad would find this interesting since he working in the printing industry for so many years. I completely walked away without any photos of the art department as I was just too busy to take many pictures. I'm kicking myself now... I also wished that I would have had time to drive to Fenland while I was there. Oh well...

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