Saturday, March 19, 2016

wuwm architecture fab lab

Matt Mabee (3rd from Left) and Gil Synder (2nd from Left) were featured on WUWM last week as they discussed the development of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning prototyping lab. Matt was one of the grad students who I worked with in the early years of research into digital fabrication and he used to hang out in my personal studio with Jim Hinze as they worked on creating architectural artifacts for their various building designs. Matt later worked in our Sculpture studio as a technician and then secured the position in the Prototyping Lab in SARUP. Gil has been a great mentor to me since I arrived at UWM. I always enjoyed our discussions on teaching students to understand material and process when designing. So glad to see both of these guys getting attention for their work. The Digital Craft Research Lab would not be in existence without these two gentlemen.

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Matthew Mabee said...

Thanks Frankie,

We sure learned a lot that night we worked on your Taig CNC through the night. Imagine what we would have made if we had a tormach back then.