Monday, June 13, 2016

fj40: paint

The FJ40 is cool in the fact that the body can almost completely be unbolted and each section can be sandblasted and painted individually. The only bad thing about the FJ40 coming a part in pieces is the fact that there are a million little brackets, latches, and hinges. In between blasting, primer, and paint, I have time to mess with the engine. Mark brought me some Corvette style Ramshorn headers that will allow me to route the exhaust between the frame rails rather than outside like the original V8 conversion set-up.  I was able to get the grill, side skirts over the front fenders, the hood, and the spare tire carrier blasted/sanded and then primed and painted. It's starting to look more like a vehicle now that I have those parts bolted on.

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