Monday, June 13, 2016

fj40: roof

The FJ40 has a fiberglass roof cap that connects to the steel sides of the hardtop. The roof cap attacks to the front of the foldable windshield with a steel rain gutter cap via aluminum rivets. This steel piece on my hardtop was rusted so bad that it was not usable. I found a later steel rain gutter, but it required some modification to get it to mate to my windshield. My particular FJ has a early style windshield with wipers that extend from the top of the frame. I had to make some cutaways for the wiper and do some hammer work and reshaping to get it to sit flat to the frame. Once this was done, I had to connect it to the fiberglass cap. I chose to use stainless hardware rather than the aluminum rivets. I turned some bolts on the lathe to create a low profile head and then picked up some rubber washers from the hardware store. This should create a stronger watertight connection. I then prepped the top for paint. I currently have three coats of white on it and I have one more coat to go. Jill helped me install the headliner, but I forgot to take pictures of it. Once I complete the metalwork on the side sections of the hardtop, I'll be able to reattach.

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