Friday, July 15, 2016

thoughts on leaving...

Chuck took all of the pics above when he visited. Yesterday, John McGeen helped me move some things around as I am loading skids and packing boxes at my studio and in the DCRL. As I look through these images and I talk to John, I am reminded of all of the good things that my students built in this place and the environment that they all created here. The last few blog posts and seeing this work has reminded me how much I have been impacted by my students. They all have pushed me to be a better teacher but more importantly, a better person. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to do what I love to do and to work with so many talented people. I was able to develop as an artist/craftsman here and to build something truly unique. In addition, I feel like I was able to use my abilities to do something greater than myself AND NOW I get to witness (via the internet) all of the creative people who I had the opportunity to work along side and discover things with here at UWM. Thanks to all of you students out there that left a lasting impression on me and thanks for helping me realize that your success and contributions to society are more important than my own. 

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Shop Teacher Bob said...

You've left quite a legacy there. I suppose your reasons for leaving are many but I would assume much of the decision was a result of the things you touched on in the last post as well as the general politics of education. I've enjoyed reading about your many and varied projects over the last few years and I'm looking forward to reading about the new program. I've been down that way a few times - beautiful country and a lot of creativity in the people down there, especially in the arts and metal working fields. It shouldn't take long and you'll feel right at home.

I read about your health issues. Speaking from experience, Mister "Type A" says to take care of yourself. Since you're starting over, schedule in a little exercise and quiet time for yourself. You want to be around for the grandkids and a long retirement for you and the wife.

Best of luck on the new position. Wish I could have gotten up there to Milwaukee to see the operation before your leaving - maybe a trip down South some day will be in order.

Keep us posted on the progress.