Thursday, October 13, 2016

cameron van dyke

So last night I met Cameron Van Dyke. Cameron is an Industrial Designer that just started teaching at Appalachian State in the I.D. program. Clif (Art Dept Chair) and Brian Davies (I.D. Chair) organized a little get together so that professors from both Departments could connect. I was able to connect with a few other people that I've been intending to meet since arriving here (more on that later), but after talking to Cameron last night, I decided to take a look at his website today.  Last night when Jill and I were leaving, we spotted Cameron riding??/driving?? the most interesting motorized vehicle. It was quirky and strange, but I loved it. It totally made me think of Eric. I'm sitting in my studio this morning and I come across these vehicles by Cameron. They are amazing and I totally love the videos that go along with them. Something about the videos reminded me of Bryan. Anyway, it looks like Cameron would be an interesting fellow to continue conversations with. Yet another reason, I'm feeling that this move to the mountains of North Carolina was a good choice.

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