Thursday, October 13, 2016

richard prisco

I met Richard Prisco last night. Richard is an Industrial Designer and Furniture Designer that has been teaching at Appalachian State for the last seven years. I was aware that Richard had taught courses at Penland and was aware of his furniture due to seeing the Penland course catalog at some point in the last several years. I was hoping I might be able to eventually run into him at work and last night we finally connected at the get together. Jill and I really enjoyed talking to Richard and his wife. They seem like really great people and I hope that we get to connect on some future student projects that we discussed. Richard also informed me that he was on his way to Penland to work on his new studio space. He purchased some land near Penland to build a studio. This was ironic as I had just been telling Jill that we need to buy some land near Penland so that we can retire near there and have studio space there. 

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