Sunday, December 18, 2016

grandfather mountain




We went to Grandfather Mountain yesterday. Grandfather is about twenty miles from our house. It was unusually warm yesterday (about 56 degrees) so we decided to take the morning and make the trip up to the top of Grandfather (entry was cheap for county residents for dollar days so the weather timing was good). We had such a great time with the kids. Maya was a little freaked out by the swinging bridge, and I was a little freaked out about the Jill and the kids climbing and sitting on Cliffside (where I took their pics together). Maya and I DID climb Sphinx so that Noah wouldn't be up there by himself. Grandfather Mountain is truly amazing when you consider the age of the land mass, the views, and the history of the location. We stopped just down from the curve near our house and I took the last few pics above as this view of Grandfather is on our way to the kids school each morning. Jill loves the view and comments about it every morning. Living among this natural beauty and considering the scale of our surroundings helps keep us in check when we start to think the world revolves around us and our insignificant problems. Time is an interesting idea and when one thinks about how short our lives are in comparison to our surroundings it causes your priorities to shift a bit. We truly love living here!

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