Friday, October 20, 2017

app state metals studio

A few weeks ago the new cabinets for the campus Metals studio arrived and Blade and Bobby helped me unpack and install things. We created one tall cabinet that is our etching cabinet and it's ducked to the fume extraction system in the studio. We eliminated one large tool cabinet that took up valuable wall space. I still need to cut some french cleats and get the wall cabinets prepped. The Metals Technicians have been working on creating tool silhouettes so we can create some tool boards. Blade also created profiles for the new forming stake holders so we can eliminate the other massive tool cabinet. My hope is that this new set-up will create more work surfaces, more efficient tool storage, and allow me to install a few more tools that I think should be a part of the studio. I'm excited to get a lot of the changes completed. I hope that over winter break I can really bang things out. It was a huge help to have Bobby and Blade literally make the changes above happen in just one night.

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