Friday, April 13, 2018

noah baseball

Noah has had a really good season with his middle school baseball team. They are unbeaten and last night had their first real test against a team from Hampton, TN. He made the local paper today in an article about the game and had pitched in the last game that was mentioned in the paper. Last night's game was a really fun game to watch since it was close and Noah played first base the entire game. He had some great plays at first (even though the paper shows a ball getting past him) as a part of a couple double plays and some smart catches at pivotal times. He was patient at the plate and we are seeing a different side of him as he is able to recognize pitches. He's growing up so fast. It's good though to see him connecting the good things that happen to him to his smart actions and wise choices. Now if we can just get through driving and college with no major hick-up, I'll start to feel a little less stressed. Not that I want to rush it though...

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