Monday, September 3, 2018

ural sheetmetal repair

I've had the Ural down for far too long. I discovered a ton of rust in the sidecar fender and in the sidecar tub a few months ago. Undoubtedly is is from riding in Milwaukee for all of those salt filled winters. It was my main mode of transportation year round when I lived in Milwaukee. Since moving to Boone, I've not had as much interest in riding for some reason. Maybe it's due to the blind corners and the rock littered corners from summer rainy season wash-outs, but I'm starting to get the fever to ride again. The Ural will require a full paint job on all sheetmetal (except the gas tank) before I can get it back on the road. The way these are constructed and not sealed make for serious rust traps. All overlapped seams were just filled with bondo from the factory; no seam sealer or anything. I'm trying to fix all of the bad areas before getting it back in paint. I've worked on patching the tub these last couple days and getting it prepped for some epoxy coating. The sidecar fender needs major reconstructive surgery or a complete new/used fender. I may have to change up the color from black to something else when I paint it.

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