Tuesday, December 17, 2019

trials mudguard mount

Why buy it when you can build it. I needed a front fender mount for a Montesa trials project I’m building. A little tube and some strap...some bending, cutting and welding...and I have a lightweight front fender mount. I copied a Speed & Sport mount that I had purchased for my Cota 348 years ago. I believe the Speed & Sport one was made from solid rod because I don't remember it being as light as the one I built. I used my little geared bender rather than my DiAcro bender to make the loops for front and back pieces of the mount. It worked out great. The final mount is light weight but strong and so I'm  happy with how it turned out. I polished the old alloy Speed & Sport fender that I probably purchased 20 years ago. It still has a few dings and dents, but it will look the part on this old trials bike.

It felt good working in the new shop today. I'm figuring out where tools need to be for a decent workflow. I love having room for tools and motorcycle projects in the same space for once. Nice to have everything in one location for a change. This morning was unusually warm, but the cold moved in later in the afternoon. I need to figure out heat in the new shop, but for now my little Kerosene heater was able to keep it toasty warm tonight.

BTW, there’s just something about a polished alloy fender on a classic motorcycle; It doesn’t get much better than that. PS: please ignore the mock-up mounting hardware; stainless final hardware is on the way... 

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