Monday, June 9, 2014

leo saul berk: the uncertainty of enclosure

As you may remember, Leo Berk came to Milwaukee a few months ago to work as an artist in residence in the DCRL. If you are a blog follower you may remember that we spent some time working on a CNC router Corian wall with the help of UWM students, Alissa Fedor, John McGeen, and Joe Massanisso. Well last week Leo came back to Milwaukee to install his exhibition, The Uncertainty of Enclosure, in the INOVA art gallery on the first floor of the Kenilworth Building. Alissa did a ton of work with Leo throughout the week and on Wednesday, with the help of Chad Bridgewater, we were able to move the Corian wall up to the gallery. On Thursday, John McGeen helped out and the whole gallery install group lifted the first piece shown above, up on edge. Alissa had spent most of the early part of the week helping Leo assemble this piece. Alissa finished out the week by sanding the coal salt cellar, which I might add, is stellar (Leo CNC cut this from a large chuck of coal) and suggests Leo's early background as a ceramist. There are many more pieces in the exhibition which are not shown here. This collection of work is really spectacular. My family went to the opening on Friday night and Jill and the kids were able to meet Leo and to see the work. We really enjoyed the discussion that Leo and Sidney had in regard to the work and the Bruce Goff house that Leo grew up in, and that Sidney currently lives in. I can honestly say this is one of the best exhibitions I have seen at INOVA. If you get a chance, please go see the exhibition. I guarantee you will be inthralled by Leo's work. 

Many thanks to Leo for coming to Milwaukee and for working in the Digital Craft Research Lab with our students. You can read more about the exhibition and residency here.

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Unknown said...

Beautiful. I love the rope installation and yes, that coal piece is gorgeous, and has a beautiful ceramic quality about it.