Monday, June 9, 2014

madeline's school project

I was contacted by a local 7th grade student about a school project:

"My name is Madeline. I am a 7th grade student from... In science class, I am working on a project about mainly prosthetic limbs such as what it is like for a person before they are given a solution and how these solutions, prosthetics, are made.

I am hoping to connect with experts in the community to help us better understand our topic. I was hoping you might have time to share your knowledge with me. (We could do an interview either in person, by phone or skype, or by e-mail.) If you are willing to work with me, I will send you a list of questions to help further my project."

I immediately responded to Madeline and I invited her to the DCRL so she could see our 3D printers in action and we could show her the various hands were working on. Her father is a professor at UWM so he came along also. We had a great time talking about the technology that we are using in the lab and Madeline was able to ask questions and examine the 3D printed hands. 

After Madeline's visit she later asked if she would be able to borrow a hand for her school presentation. I agreed and Jill dropped a hand off at her house. Madeline reported that the presentation went very well and that it really helped to have an actual 3d printed hand to show. She was kind enough to send pictures of her team and their poster that they created. It's always good to see young students interested in this as they will shape the future work that we do.

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