Monday, July 11, 2016

h-d shed find

Bryan Cera had mentioned to me several years ago that his Father had a small Harley in their shed. Recently Bryan mentioned it again when I was helping him clean the carb on Bryan's scooter. He mentioned that his Dad might be selling it. We both agreed that I needed it like a hole in the head since I am trying pair down the motorcycle herd due to the move. That said, I'm a sucker for a barn find or a bike in pieces. Bryan showed me pictures of the little Harley Hummer and I mentioned it to my Dad. My Dad was super interested in restoring it, so we decided it would not be a distraction for me if my Dad restored it, and the little bike could find new life. John McGeen was so kind to haul it from Bryan's parents place to my house. It was great to talk to Bryan's Dad and hear about the Harley Davidson test rider that happened to be his neighbor during his childhood. The neighbor was instrumental in assisting in it's repair. Needless to say, Bryan's Dad had the title, original owners manual, and a few H-D parts boxes with an extra carb and brake shoe linings. 

The brake shoe linings say a bit about our society: as much as we would like to think that we are more responsible with recycling in more recent years, I don't think that I have heard of people changing brake shoe linings as of lately, as it's just quick and easy to change the entire shoe or the pad (on disc brakes). Granted most braking systems are disc brake now, but our society just moves a little too quick of a pace to bother themselves with riveting brake shoe lining. Too bad really...

Anyway, John and I got the little Harley home and I snapped a few pics. Bryan, thanks for the lead on the H-D!  And thanks for your help, John!

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