Wednesday, March 14, 2018

clear irons anodizing

Last week during Spring Break I anodized some parts for Eric. He wanted me to anodize some trays, coasters, and some prototype parts that he had machined. I've been meaning to get to these, but have had a lot going one. Since I was working in the studio on my own work over the break, it was a good time to get these parts going. I did a few parts with no dye as Eric had been curious about this. They turned out AWESOME. The first tray (copper/orange color) turned out amazing too, but the other trays are not quite so dramatic. I had some trouble with these trays as they are heavy and my fixture is not quite up to snuff as well as my various anodizing baths being a bit small for this size work. The coasters that I will be doing are bound to turn out better since they're smaller. The non-dyed parts are just so sweet as they really make these already awesome machined parts look so good.

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