Monday, July 14, 2014

r50 seat rebuild

I started work on re-building the seat on the Slash 2 conversion Beemer. I picked up some carpet padding at Home Depot and some 3M spray adhesive and then sliced a few sheets that I could stack together. I made a template from the old seat (or at least the best I could as it is toast) and carved the foam billet. By the time I was done carving the garage looked like a few teddy bears had lost their lives, but I have the general shape I need. The slings that support the foam were kind of jacked up, so I tweaked those and tried to pull the seat frame back into square. I have a couple things that need to be welded on the frame and then I can do some finish work on the foam and fine tune the form. The new seat cover with white piping looks stellar. I really prefer the look of the solo seat on Slash 2's but you have to have a bench seat if you're going to take the whole family with you. I'll see if I can get the seat frame repaired soon, so I can start stretching the seat vinyl.

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